The deliberations of congress concluded on Adoption of the following resolutions:

Deputy President:

The congress resolved to create the post of a Deputy President of CONSAWU, mandated NEC to do the necessary constitutional amendments in regard of this new development.

Audited Statement:

The statement was adopted.


The report of the Gender seminar was presented.

Constitutional Amendments:

The NEC was mandated to deal with Constitutional amendments.

Consawu, pluralism and worker unity:

  1. Consawu retains and strengthens pluralism as a core value.
  2. Consawu retains its own identity, but enters without delay into discussions with regard to cooperative structures at trade union and federation level in order to bloster worker union.
  3. The model or form of unity may not be restricted to a federation, other models of unity should be explored such as a confederation or other models. The unity talks with FEDUSA and NACTU should continue.

Consawu and shareholder fundamentalism

Consawu shall speak out against shareholder fundamentalism (this defined as exaggerated emphasis on the shareholder interest) and develop a response which seeks market role player balance not dominated by shareholder interest. A working committee shall be appointed to develop Consawu market balance approach.

Consawu brand:

Consawu to establish a publicity committee to develop and carry out a publicity plan.

Affirmative action and black economic empowerment

Consawu shall appoint a working committee to develop a policy framework for the federation in terms of which imbalances can be redressed by empowering the masses in a wholistic way

Worker Inflation

Consawu shall develop an alternative worker inflation rate that is representative of its members.

WCL Principles:

Congress adopts WCL principles as the framework.


Consawu supports government’s Gipsa initiative where it does disadvantage working people.

Child Support Grant:

Government must legislate a child support grant of only R500.00 per month per child till the age of 18 years. The foster care grant be increased to only R1 500, 00 per month to cove basic needs.

Payment of the unemployed person who is available to work:

Government must legislate and pay monthly R2 500, 00 to each and every unemployed economically active till such time the person is employed.

National Minimum wage

The South African Government must without delay set a basic minimum wage/ salary of R2 500, 00 per month without any right of exemption granted to any employer. This must be established in terms of a law of general application.

Poverty Levels

A compilation or research be done on RSA poverty levels

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