1.Unemployment Grant:

Congress noting:
The right to life.
Economically active person who is unemployed.
CONSAWU’s exciting policy on unemployment.

Therefore Congress resolves:
To engage government to institute social grant for all unemployed economically active people and tax incentives to those employers who create jobs in any year.

Workshops to be conducted
Posters with meaningful information
Word of mouth
Media and possible rallies
Communication with other stake holders to support the campaign
Mobilization of the unemployed youth

Not part of NEDLAC.
Lack of cooperation by the national media.
CONSAWU affiliates not seen to be effectively advocating social grant.

It has to be realized.

2.Sector Federation

Congress noting:
CONSAWU constitution makes provision for sector Federation
DOAWTU makes provision for sectors and operates in eight sectors
CONSAWU has a number of affiliates operating in the same sector or similar sector

Therefore Congress resolves:
That a sector co-coordinator be appointed with amongst others the following to:

Convene a meeting of affiliates operating in the same sector
Facilitate development of a structure that may be agreed upon
Ensure that by 31 December there is a structure in every sector

Further noting limitation of resources congress resolves:
That an office bearer to facilitate and assume responsibility for sector federations be elected.

3.Women Participation

Congress noting:
CONSAWU does not currently have a policy on this important matter
Different problems at workplaces, that trade unions are male dominated
Historical discriminatory treatment to woman and current positive legal framework

Therefore Congress resolves:
CONSAWU must establish a gender task team and gender workshops conducted in 2004/5

The workshops must come with policy recommendation
There must be an equity office bearer to co-ordinate all women affairs, facilitate affiliates to have equity office bearers, make it possible for CONSAWU to align and be on par nationally, with DOAWTU and internationally

4.Expatriate and Migrant Labour

Congress referred this back and also required further clarity. Congress concluded that time was not enough.

5.Membership Retentions and Membership Drive

Congress noting:
The importance of numbers in the trade union movement
The potential membership that exists.

Therefore Congress resolves:

First we should embark on operation, “ se si fikile”. We say that we must have 600 000 members by next congress, 2006.
We say the assistant general secretary must be responsible for the recruitment drive and every affiliate is an organizer.
We also note that we don’t have the funds for a full time national organizer yet, but we see it as the person to recruit in future.
We say that every affiliate must recruit one union.
We also say that the focus of recruitment must be on the sector not present yet in CONSAWU.
We also ask that potential unions be invited to be observers at meetings.
Then there is retention, we said that the doors of learning must be open for our members.
And we refer specifically to Ditsella, we must get into Ditsella and even if we must kick the doors open, we must get in.
We must utilize WEP to its fullest potential.
On the communication side, we say that CONSAWU must now establish a media task team. This media task team must see to establishment of a website for CONSAWU, a newsletter, a magazine and also see that we are visible in newspapers and on radio.
We say that even if we must purchase space for advertisements, we must get into the newspapers. If we purchase space in newspapers, we have bargaining power that they must publish our articles.
That all affiliates must put CONSAWU logo on the letterheads, to say you are affiliated to CONSAWU.
We also ask that CONSAWU become more aggressive in its efforts to NEDLAC.
CONSAWU must also participate in national events – such as Mayday and others.
To obtain more benefits for members. If we have the numbers, we can negotiate.
CONSAWU must set up a national legal fund to assist smaller unions and to address important issues. CONSAWU to establish a sector chamber to get coordination in chambers

PAWUSA disaffiliated
CTU/MSJ changed membership from 50 000 to 10 000.
NAPTOSA membership reduced to 60 000.
Legal funds to assist smaller unions not operational.
Recruitment needs more attention

6.The Code of Good Conduct for Office Bearers:

Congress accepted the following guidelines:
For your code of conduct, your constitution is your bible, your Koran, your Torah. It is a supreme law which must be respected and is also a guideline to each and every one of us.
Corrective measures you’ll find also in your constitution. So please ladies and gentleman, do exercise it.
Corrective measures. If you fail to attend three consecutive meetings without a valid reason, you are out.
Mismanagement will bring up a lot of things, but as I said, due to time constraints we couldn’t elaborate a lot. Corruption, fraud and company assets.
Then in your constitution you need to have policies for drug abuse and alcohol, employee assistance, sexual harassment ext.

7.Financial Policy

Congress noting:
Current constitutional provision regarding finance and existing financial policy.
CONSAWU operating within budgeted amount considering own revenue and conditional grants.
National Executive to appoint financial manger.
Finance committee acting as planning and controlling committee.
The opportunities in terms of investment
Reviewing terms of the claims where these are open to abuse.
Personnel administrative measure changing to human resources policy and name insurance to conduct.

Therefore Congress resolves:
That financial measure as contained in the constitution is adhered to strictly and the personnel administrative measures are changed to human resource policy.

8.Affiliation Fees

Congress noting:
CONSAWU own revenue resources.
Need to develop self reliance.

Therefore Congress resolves:
That the current affiliation fee be increased by R0,20 per member per month up to 20 000 paid up members of an affiliate thereafter the sliding scale sets in. This shall then be R0,40 per member per month with the sliding scale remaining effective in 2005.

The minimum payable for membership of 1500 or less shall be R600,00 per month effective in 2005.

The incoming NEC to engage affiliates who have clearly indicated a problem with 100% increase

Need to explain to their financial obligations to the Confederation.

9.Membership Fees

For 2005 financial year the monthly contribution (membership fee) must be calculated as follows:

40c per member up to 20 000 members
plus 10c per member for the members between 20 001 – 50 000
plus 5c per member for the members above.

Provided that an affiliate with 1500 members or less shall pay at least R600 per month

Congress also resolves:
CONSAWU Provincial secretaries be employed on a full time basis.
CONSAWU must employ full time Provincial Administrators.
CONSAWU must establish Provincial offices independent of affiliates.

10.Good Governance

Congress noting:
Values (regard to human potential and development) Barriers (Globalization, Gear, Corruption etc) Challenges (Unionisation of all workers, Unity, social grant and training for all)

Therefore Congress resolves:
The following are indispensable:
Tolerance and overall caring.
Inclusive democratic practice.
Social justice and rule of law.
Transparency, effectiveness and efficiency.

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