The Human Immune-deficiency Virus (HIV) and the Acquired Immune-deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) are serious public health problems which have far-reaching socio-economic, employment and human rights implications.

It is recognized that the HIV/AIDS pandemic will affect every workplace, with prolonged staff illnesses, absenteeism and death impacting on productivity, employee benefits, occupational health and safety, production costs and workplace morale.

Core principles

CONSAWU believes in:

  • the principle of non-discrimination as enshrined in the Constitution of South Africa;
  • the principle of non-discrimination against persons living with HIV/AIDS, their partners, families and friends;
  • the inclusion of people living with HIV/AIDS in all decision-making processes;
  • the continuum of quality treatment, care and support for persons affected by HIV/AIDS;
  • the prevention and containment of the pandemic;
  • the freedom of choice to an holistic approach to treatment;
  • the development of a policy that acknowledges the diversity of culture and tradition within communities;
  • the reduction of poverty so as to enhance socio-economic development and reduce vulnerability to HIV/AIDS;
  • the support of a Code of Good Practice.


CONSAWU will achieve this through:

  • encouraging voluntary testing among the members;
  • promoting capacity and technical resources to members, the public and business sectors to ensure the development and implementation of appropriate HIV/AIDS treatment, plans and programmes;
  • mentoring and training members, the public, private and civil society sectors for a multi-sectoral approach to dealing with HIV/AIDS;
  • campaigning for the development of policy and effective implementation of programmes relating to the changing and emerging challenges of the HIV/AIDS pandemic;
  • promoting communication with other provincial, national and international initiatives that have similar objectives to those of CONSAWU

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