CONSAWU regards the New Economic Partnership for Africa’s Development as the birth of the African renaissance. The labour movement and civil society need to find their places in the NEPAD process in order to reach their goals.

Core principles

  1. It is a partnership between African governments and governments of industrialised countries.
  2. It must become a partnership between African governments and their people in which the shared ownership is reflected through the active engagement of African trade unions and civil society organisations.
  3. It must have a serious commitment to engage in participatory development and respect for human rights including labour rights.
  4. It must ensure good governance.


CONSAWU will call upon NEPAD and the G8 leaders to:

  1. respect core labour rights in the NEPAD process;
  2. engage trade unions in partnerships to monitor and implement NEPAD’s initiatives and achieve its targets;
  3. build upon, and go beyond, the existing HIPC initiative for the poorest countries by setting a maximum ceiling on debt relief, including the option of total debt reduction;
  4. eliminate corruption and waste through the efficient management of public resources;
  5. ensure that good governance is truly practised by all African governments through popular participation in decision-making, transparency and accountability;
  6. ensure that the Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers of the World Bank are drawn up with trade union involvement and participation at local level;
  7. halt the drive by the World Bank to transfer the public service into private monopolies;
  8. undertake a social impact analysis of the loan instruments operated by the International Financial Institutions;
  9. ensure that foreign investors respect the OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises through an enhanced implementation process for Africa;
  10. ensure market access for the products of African countries on the basis of respect for core labour rights;
  11. ensure that Western governments commit themselves to substantially increasing their contributions to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in order to ensure sufficient resources to fight these diseases which are claiming the lives of millions.

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