The National Economic and Labour Council (NEDLAC) was launched in 1995 to bring together government, business, labour and community interests, to reach consensus, through negotiations, on all labour legislation and all significant social and economic legislation. CONSAWU shall do whatever it can to effectively represent its members at NEDLAC.

Core principles

CONSAWU adheres to the following core principles:

  • Strives to promote the goals of economic growth and wider participation in economic decision-making. Advance, promote and defend the socio-economic interests of workers.
  • Consider all proposed labour legislation and proposed amendments to existing legislation.
  • Negotiate all significant changes to social and economic policy.


CONSAWU shall make representations at NEDLAC by:

  • always representing the mandate/s of its affiliates;
  • conducting such investigations as it may deem necessary;
  • continually surveying and analysing social and economic affairs in South Africa;
  • keeping abreast with international developments in social and economic policy;
  • working closely with departments of state, statutory bodies, other forums and NGOs in the formulation of social and economic policy.

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