Noting that privatisation is an essential policy of the Bretton Wood Institutions (World Bank and IMF), and that privatisation is changing ownership from public to private ownership.

Core principles

CONSAWU firmly commits itself to the concept of advancement and development of the socio-economic well-being of the citizens of this country, in particular the workers. Privatisation tends to result in job losses and unemployment. It causes greater impoverishment of the workers and brings more profits to business. In the event of pending insolvency of privatised institutions, the State is expected to bail them out.

CONSAWU believes that privatisation is not in the interest of trade union members.


CONSAWU shall:

  • work hard to secure guarantees for both continued employment and benefits for workers;
  • campaign vigorously against privatisation;
  • ensure training of CONSAWU members in the effects of privatisation.

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